Our Company

About Us

We are a family-owned and operated company based in the beautiful Bay Area of California. We are licensed and insured and take great pride in our work and our service. We work exclusively with our own crews and provide free, exact proposals for all of our work. In other words, we will only charge you for what we proposed before the work began and that cost will only increase if the scope of work is increased. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you on your home renovation project!
To satisfy the continually evolving market we review our product range on an ongoing basis. This ensures we offer a comprehensive range of pavers that suit the latest residential and commercial design requirements. Our wide range of materials, colors, sizes and surface textures, can be incorporated into any design - from simple paved areas to elaborate architectural landscapes. We can add value and quality to your special project.


A little about our process:

The following information is provided to assist you to achieve the best result for your paving project. It is to be used as a guideline only, as different projects will have varying requirements and site conditions, which may necessitate varying methods of preparation and installation.

  • Sub-grade preparation

    This is probably the most important aspect of ensuring a satisfactory long term result. Any soft areas should be replaced with suitable stable material and compacted with the remainder of the preparation area.
  • Drainage

    Design of the proposed paved area should take account of surface and subsurface water. Consideration for the control of storm water runoff will be required, along with services which may be required to run under the paved area, such as drainage pipes, water pipes etc. Poor or inadequate drainage will cause staining and effect paver performance.
  • Levels

    It is important to determine the required finished levels for all areas of your project, not only the paving, when planning the project. Correct level design is essential to ensure the drainage issues mentioned above are accommodated.
  • Laying Process

    It is preferred that the pavers are laid on a mortar bed made of three parts sand and one part cement to a maximum of 30mm thick. If a mortar bed is not being used, the pavers should be laid on a bedding layer of washed sand (20 - 30mm) which has been spread and leveled on top of the compacted base.
  • Cleaning Up

    Sweep clean, fine, dry, jointing or gap sand between the pavers. Do not leave excess sand on the pavers as this could stain the surface.

Where we work:

Our company works across the Bay Area. Depending on the project we work as far north as Santa Rosa, as far east as Discovery  Bay and as far south as Gilroy. Call us to discuss your project. We hope that Pavers Express Group will be the right contractor for your home renovation!